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Alyson Mendez, founder of CC & Buxie®, was fed-up with a puckering blouse. So, it started with an idea…

Like many women, I experienced embarrassing moments with button-up blouses never fitting and  properly closing across my bust. Frustrated from gaping and safety-pins, I was forced to size-up my shirts so it would cover (the girls) without 'peeking'. That larger sized shirt now appeared too baggy and unflattering around my torso.

I realized there's a lack of apparel for women with a fuller bustline and it sparked an idea. While pursuing a degree in fashion design, I became obsessed creating a classic blouse that resists, what I coined as,”peek-a-boobie”. My goal is to share the result of my obsession with you. Now you'll feel confident in a blouse that is reliable, flattering, and free from embarrassments...for good! 

At last blouse-believers: no more safety pins, additional tailoring, or baggy appearances. CC & Buxie’s beautiful blouses have arrived especially for you.

XO - Alyson


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